Tang Soo Do and Ki Gong for the whole family.

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4 Week trial

Test drive our program with a four-week trial (up to 2 classes a week). Our trial starts with a 30 min. introduction class. Make sure to schedule your class!

My son loves receiving instruction from Ms. Gena Eiseman at Ketzal Martial Arts. She is not only extremely passionate about this form of Martial Arts but wholeheartedly dedicated to her students. Thank you Gena, you are simply amazing!

SHELBY B. 2021

In a welcoming and helpful environment, Ms. Eiseman instills the value and self respect everyone deserves. The classes don't leave anyone behind, and you will be surprised what your body is capable of.


We love Ketzal! My son has been going here since they opened in 2020 and he has learned so much. Gena is a patient, knowledgeable, professional and friendly instructor. You can tell she really cares about the kids. I would highly recommend Ketzal.

KATIE N. 2021


Our students receive a thorough education in character, self-control, and goal setting. Our goal is to serve our community through fun, high-energy classes that focus on the mind, body, and spirit. At Ketzal Martial Arts, we offer Tang Soo Do and Ki Gong to students of all ages and abilities.

little dragons

4-7 year olds


8+ years old

ki gong

All ages